Specialists and Mentors

Just getting started in S? Long time model railroader looking to try something new? Just need some help or advice?

The S Scale SIG is here to help you. As a value to SIG members, the S Scale SIG has established the S Scale Mentors and Specialists program. These individuals are dedicated to helping you achieve your S Scale goals.

If you’re an S scale newcomer, want expert help, and don’t really know where to begin, we will assign a member of our Board of Directors as your “Mentor.” He‘ll provide assistance on a more personal level than simply answering questions, dialog with you to determine how best to help you toward your dream layout, and proceed to do just that – “help” – with the assistance of our Specialists.

Specialists are here to respond to your particular technical questions. Our Specialists have decades of experience; all are masters of their particular specialties. You’ll come to know them well over time, and you can depend on their answers. Your exchanges with the Specialists may appear in subsequent Newsletters, on the site or in our forums in order to assist others.

SIG Specialists

Trackwork and wheels: Dick Karnes
Passenger: Jamie Bothwell
Intermodal: Tom Hawley
Modern: Greg Elems
Narrow Gauge: Dave Heine
DCC & Electronics: Michael Greene
Signaling and Railroad Operations: Al Badour

Contact our Specialist Coordinator to get in touch with any S Scale SIG specialist above.

SIG Mentors

Contact our Mentor Program Coordinator and we’ll place you with an S Scale mentor who will assits with your S Scale questions.