Modeling from the Prototype

“Why S scale?” This is a question that is often posed to S scalers when we hold open houses for our layouts, or display S scale at train shows. Aside from the obvious visual advantages (trains are big things, and in S scale, trains have more visual mass and impact), and the ease of working on larger models (read: aging eyes), those of us who model in S scale also enjoy the fellowship of being part of a small community. We get to meet and know personally many in the S scale ranks. We even have personal contact with our manufacturers — we can often have a say in what models get produced!

But if you are currently modeling in one of the majority scales such as HO and N, you may be asking yourself “What would change in my modeling experience if I switched to modeling my favorite road in S scale?” Below you will find a variety of articles written by S scalers describing their experiences in modeling a particular prototype in S scale. Even if your particular favorite road is not listed below, these articles can provide you with a good feel for the experience of putting together a prototype-based layout in S scale.

The articles below are written from many different perspectives. The authors have two things in common: They are all modeling in S scale, and they are all having a really great time! Join us.

Interested in contributing an article on your favorite road? We’re always looking for more. Please contact our webmaster for more information.

S Scale by Road

Recreating the Buffalo Creek & Gauley in S Scale (3.2MB .pdf)
by Brooks Stover, MMR

New York Central Modeling in S Scale
by Dick Karnes

The St. Louis Eastern & Pacific or How to Proto-Freelance Your Own Railroad
by Bill Winans

more articles on the way…