SIG Mission

The S Scale SIG is guided by the following mission:

  • Promote S scale model railroading compatible with NMRA/NASG standards and recommended practices.
  • Provide a forum for S scale camaraderie, exchange of information, expertise, advice and technique.
  • Emphasize S scale’s size advantage.

The SIG serves as a clearinghouse for news, information and the discussion of S Scale trains. The S Scale SIG seeks to increase the awareness of S Scale modeling within the greater model railroad community, attract new modelers to 1:64 and promote the manufacture of the highest quality models at 1:64.

The S Scale SIG defines scale modeling, regardless of gauge, as:

  • Wheels and track compatible with NMRA specifications S-1.1, S-1.2, S3.1, S-3.2 S-4.1 and S-4.2.
  • A coupler size equal to or smaller than Kadee #802 and compatible with NMRA specification S-2.
  • A rail height in the approximate ratio of 1:64 to the prototype being modeled.