Volume 5 No. 2, Passenger Car Diaphragms

The S Scale Journal

The Online Journal of the S Scale SIG
Volume 5 No. 2, July 9, 2015

Passenger Car Diaphragms

by Dick Karnes

Once upon a time I had a large stash of MHP S scale diaphragms. But over the years I’ve gradually become dissatisfied with their appearance. Primarily, the bellows are too bulky. And I have to remove the alignment tabs on the striker plate (easy, I admit). But I kept using them until I ran out of them.

These days I make my own diaphragms for heavyweight passenger cars. [Download the complete article including templates and set-by-step instructions on making your own passenger car diaphragms.]

Note: To ensure the templates print at the correct scale, print the file at 100% and make sure ‘scale to fit’ is deselected in your print options.